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David Meany


Contiki are the world leaders in youth travel and David has the awesome job of managing Contiki’s brand partnership strategy which sees them working with some of the world’s biggest content creators, brands and publishers. The team at Contiki make a noise in everything that they do and David’s role is to forge the partnerships that will help them to remain as top dog in the travel space for the millennial traveller.

Contiki operate on six continents, run over 300 trips in 50 plus countries, and make thousands of young people’s travel dreams come true every single year. The Contiki Marketing Lab create market leading, generation-defining content that speaks directly to young people, and they talk to over 1 million engaged followers every single day in a language they understand. Contiki have an award winning in-house video production agency, an ahead of the curb travel and lifestyle content site, a website that has over 1 million unique visitors every month, and an army of on-the-ground travel experts across the globe who eat, sleep, breathe and live our brand.

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