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Marcio Delgado

Marcio Delgado

Content Producer


Marcio Delgado – Content Producer and Digital Consultant – RdB

Since 2012 London-based Marcio Delgado has coordinated and produced online and off-line content in countries as diverse as Russia, the Philippines, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, United Kingdom and USA combining his experience as a Journalist with Customer Loyalty Development to create engaging corporate content that doesn’t feel corporate.

His current work is featured at Western Union’s social media channels as daily drips and mini campaigns, having previously worked for independent TV networks available on Sky and contributed with The Independent, Glam Magazine and Hyper, amongst other media outlets.

A former TV presenter in Brazil – and an extra in the 007’s Casino Royale – in between digital metrics and storytelling, Marcio can often be found exploring the outskirts of London with his rescued dog, Sam, or in the kitchen attempting to bake.

Instagram: @marcio_delgado

Twitter: @marcio_delgado

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