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Bonny Dellow

Bonny Dellow

Editorial Manager


Bonny’s Editorial Manager at Simply Business, one of the UK’s biggest providers of insurance to small businesses and landlords.

Serving over 425,000 customers, Bonny’s role is to engage existing customers to drive brand affinity, and attract prospects with timely and relevant content.

Using Simply Business’s award-winning data capabilities, Bonny, and an in-house team of content creators, are able to craft tailored content that resonates with their (very) diverse audience – from tradespeople to dog walkers!

With experience in content and social media, Bonny gets excited about creating content with measurable results, that adds genuine value to an audience.

He’s interested in the power of effective communication, and the importance of a consistent brand tone of voice.

Away from Simply Business – and the world of SMEs – much of Bonny’s experience has been in sports content, following on from a BA in sports journalism and an MA in modern English language.

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