The Digital Content Summit 2018

Our 2018 agenda will be ready at the beginning of next year. Discover our agenda 2017 below.


KEYNOTE: Change ain’t what it used to be

• Forecasting how your audiences will behave on which platforms, and how that changes content development
• Are you ready for the impact of A.I. on content creation, production and distribution?
• Exploring the possibilities that AR, VR and MR present

by Patrick Collister, Head of Design, Google Show Profile


SPRINGBOARD DISCUSSION: Whose line is it anyway? Managing content ownership models

• Managing crowdsourced content and content-creation spaces – who owns the IP?
• Curating consumer-created content: the changing relationship between brands and fans
• Understanding the growing range of agency-created content models

by Adam Harris, Director of Custom Solutions, Twitch Show Profile

by Victoria White, Commercial Content Director, Hearst Magazines UK Show Profile

by Sanjay Sudra, Head of Digital Transformation, Merlin Entertainments Show Profile

by Raquel Bubar, Director of T Brand Studio International, The New York Times Show Profile

by Steve Wind-Mozley, Director of Digital, Virgin Media Business Show Profile


Effective Content Measurement – Measurement in an age of algorithms and spam bots

In this highly practical session Daniel Rowles, award winning author, will talk through a step by step guide to understanding the impact of our content. As well as dealing with the practical challenges created by social platform algorithms and the rise of spam bots skewing data, he will also explore how we can continue to have an impact in an environment with increasing amounts of free content. The session will also demonstrate a technique for creating content that drives long term repeat traffic growth from Google.

by Daniel Rowles, CEO, Target Internet Show Profile


Refreshment break & networking



A full list of roundtables will be available soon. Confirmed roundtables include:

  • Driving 63% more organic revenue through off-site content: a lesson on the how and why
    • HOST: Lisa Jamison, Senior Digital Content Manager, QueryClick
  • User-focused content optimization : how you can get the engagement and performance to stand out from the competition
    • HOST: Raphael de-Souza, Director Enterprise Sales, Searchmetrics
  • No more barriers: building a transparent process to enhance the content journey
    • HOST: James Keating, Head of EMEA Marketing, Dropbox





WORKSHOP: Unleashing ‘customer magic’ to transform your business

Leading digital product design firm Made by Many have teamed up with online magic school (and start-up) to bring a highly interactive workshop to the Digital Content Summit 2017. Made by Many founder Tim Malbon and team will share some of the tools and techniques they use to bring the customer voice centre stage, and demonstrate – with help from real magicians – how to transform base elements into customer gold. This is a workshop for anyone interested in involving end-users in their innovation and design processes. Team competition and prizes will be involved, and you will also learn a magic trick to take home and impress your colleagues.

by Tim Malbon, Founder, Made by Many Show Profile


Lunch & networking

Chair: Aly Richards, CEO, The Intelligent Marketing Institute

CASE STUDY: A regulatory perspective -improving consumer experience in the communications sector

• Identifying and tracking indicators of good customer service
• Shedding light on customer experience quality in order to inform consumer decision making
• Incentivising providers to compete on quality of service

by Ian Macrae, Director of Consumer Policy, Ofcom Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Building a human approach supported by technology

• Beyond the bots: how to make sure every customer gets a personal approach
• Developing social platforms into a timely, accurate, one-stop-shop
• Maintaining a personal relationship, as an airline, with customers using technical tools such as bots and AI

by Margot Looman, Social Media Manager, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Show Profile


SPRINGBOARD DISCUSSION: Building brand advantage in a competitive space

• Authentically associating your brand with relevant cultural topics to reach new audiences
• Turning marketing into a revenue generator with branded content that caters to current consumer interests

by Jamie Sterry, UK Head of Brand, innocent drinks Show Profile

by Hazel Francis, Communications & Marketing Manager, University of Arts London Show Profile

by Catriona Forrest, UK Head of Brand, Virgin Games Show Profile

by Alex Morris, Creative Director, Barcroft Plus Show Profile

by Marcio Delgado, Content Producer, Digital Consultant Show Profile


Refreshment break & networking


HOW TO: Launch your international social media campaign in 10 steps

  • You have a great brand and you’re looking to expand internationally. You’ve already decided which countries you’re going to target, but getting from A to B successfully takes more than a plane ticket. Just as success is spelled differently in different languages, your international expansion will require more than just one social media plan. So how can you make sure your expansion pays off? In this session, you’ll discover the 10 steps you need to take to properly launch your international social media campaign; it will cover research, strategy, copywriting, the finer details of execution and reporting.

by Daiana Damacus, Social Media Specialist, Webcertain Show Profile


BUSINESS UPDATE: Developing metricsto track monetization

• Proving content drives an emotional connection to brand and therefore revenue: Google’s new metrics
• Connecting content to commerce: measuring ROI
• Tracking consumer experience and ROI on social media, compared to voice/e-mail interactions

by David Conway, Director, Customer Experience Excellence Centre, KPMG Nunwood Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Using data to inform your next product

• Using industrial data from connected devices to understand how people live and interact
• Democratizing data – putting it in the hands of marketeers and product managers
• Getting feedback directly from your consumers

by Jan Richards, Head of Insights and Planning, Dublin Airport Authority Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Contiki’s 360° content transformation

  • Staying on point when engaging the Gen Z and Millenial market
  • Building an approach around amazing content and always-on brand
  • Contiki’s content-driven newsroom: building up content resources, working with influencers and becoming content leaders

by David Meany, Brand Partnerships Manager, Contiki Holidays Show Profile


KEYNOTE: Connecting your brand and content to drive engagement

• Creating a brand which stands for something beyond the product – the importance of a positive social impact
• Closing the gap between the brand narrative and digital marketing strategy
• How to give your content an authentic voice in order to make your brand credible

by Daniel Lee, Content Marketing Manager, Lucozade Ribena Suntory Show Profile


PANEL DISCUSSION: How flexible omni-channel strategies create stronger engagement

• Aligning content to relevant channels and audience segments
• Making the most of brands and third party partnerships
• Identifying and capitalising emerging trends as quickly and effectively as possible
• Freedom to fail: exploring new technology and channels to see if they have value

by Gareth Cartman, Director of Digital, CLD Show Profile

by Bedir Aydemir, Product Marketing & Insight Director, Mail Advertising Show Profile

by James Keating, Head of EMEA Marketing, Dropbox Show Profile

by Bonny Dellow, Editorial Manager, Simply Business Show Profile


Refreshment break & networking


CASE STUDY: The road to a centralised publishing platform

The British Museum is soon to launch a new website and on the surface it is just that, but behind the scenes the new website has triggered a transformation in thinking and process to enable the Museum to build new digital products at pace and at scale. How the Museum delivers content to these products has been a core strand within this transformation and has brought its own challenges and successes.

by Josephine Weisflog, Product Manager, The British Museum Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Harnessing the power of video – making it work for you

• How to build an effective video strategy aligned to your goals
• Exploring the when and where and why video should form a core part of your content
• The rise of Live video: is it what consumers want?

by Ewan Turney, Head of Content, England Rugby, Rugby Football Union Show Profile


CASE STUDY: The future of 360 video and VR

  • Drawing parallels with the evolution of film and the development of VR/MR/AR
  • Understanding the new rules and methodologies of content creation in this format: what works and what doesn’t?

by Matt Simmonds, Creative Director of Video Content, Telegraph Media Group Show Profile



Drinks Reception

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