The 7th Annual

Digital Content Summit 2018

15th May 2018, London 

The Digital Content Summit is a must-attend event for all senior professionals interested in publishing, content development, social media, digital, marketing, innovation, creative and brand management

Post event report

The 2017 event was a great success, with streams that covered topics including consumer behaviour, analytics and multi-channel management. You can download the post-event report for 2017 by clicking here.

Digital Content Summit 2017 PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS

Patrick Collister

Head of Design, Google

Patrick Collister is a Creative Lead in The ZOO, Google’s creative think-tank. In previous lives, he was the Executive Creative Thingamabob and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather UK, which was fun, then the European Executive Creative Watchamacallit for a network of direct marketing agencies, which was not. In 2007 he co-founded Directory magazine and…

Raquel Bubar

Director of T Brand Studio International, The New York Times

Raquel Bubar leads the international arm of T Brand Studio, the content marketing team at The New York Times. She manages native advertising campaigns for a broad range of industries including consumer, finance, corporate and luxury, for clients including Philips, UBS, Shell, Ford, Vacheron Constantin and Cartier. Raquel first joined T Brand Studio in New York…

Jamie Sterry

UK Head of Brand, innocent drinks

I believe that marketing is all about creating connections and building relationships. Like most things in life, the more interesting the work, the more people will connect with it, so I always strive to do something that will get noticed. Currently at innocent I look after the brand team in the UK, responsible for connecting…

7 key takeaways you will leave with:

Breaking down internal silos to improve organisation-wide service

Developing service strategies to cater to changing consumer lifecycles

Designing customer-centricity into the organisation and product from the start

Driving engagement and monetization through increased brand loyalty

Building an effective multi-channel strategy

Upskilling customer service staff to resolve more complex issues

Using data analytics to drive engagement and inform product development

The agenda starts by looking at how customers will access content tomorrow – the new channels and behaviours – and how that impacts content ownership in a world of crowd-sourced and consumer-created content in two distinct streams.



The multi-channel management stream will look at planning content production for social media, video and VR, with a look at flexible responses to rising trends and channels.

We will be looking at popular current channels and ones likely to be popular in the future channels and you will have the opportunity to discuss strategies for maximising their value with your peers.

Perfect for: Chief Editors, Head of Social Media, Innovation Director, Head of Digital Content or Creative Advertising Director


The consumer behaviour and analytics stream will look at consumer lifecycles, the connection between brand and loyalty, and using data analytics to track engagement and ROI.

Learn how to use data to understand where, when, how and why the consumer interacts with the brand, allowing for better forecasting of interests, a clearer understanding of brand loyalty, and tracking metrics for engagement and ROI.

Perfect for: Chief Marketing Officers, Head of Brand Loyalty/Engagement, Customer Insight Directors, Heads of Brand or Communications Director.


Pre-launch discount is now available at £399 for private sector or £299 for public sector. Call Lace for more information on 020 8349 6458 or email

  • The conference was very insightful and it was a great experience to be able to take part myself.

    Communications & Marketing Manager, UAL
  • Thanks for that awesome event Digital Content Summit yesterday. We met a lot of interesting people and had a lot of promising conversations due to the exhibition.

    Manager Marketing EMEA, Searchmetrics
  •  I liked the opportunity to meet practitioners and learn about the latest thinking in this field. It’s a very good event.

    Marketing Manager, University of Nottingham
  •  The wide range of backgrounds, presenters and audience members was great. It might be surprising how much in common The British Museum, the Rugby Union, Barclay’s Bank and other companies have in terms of content marketing.

    Content Marketing Program Manager, Mettler Toledo



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