The 5th Annual

Digital Content Summit 2018

15th May 2018, London 

The Digital Content Summit is a must-attend event for all senior professionals interested in publishing, content development, social media, digital, marketing, innovation, creative and brand management

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Add to My Calendar 2018-05-15 09:00:00 2018-05-15 18:00:00 Europe/London Digital Content Summit 2018 The 7th Annual Digital Content Summit 2018 is now the largest and most comprehensive cyber security summit in Europe London, United Kingdom Business Reporter

Post event report

The 2017 event was a great success, with streams that covered topics including consumer behaviour, analytics and multi-channel management. You can download the post-event report for 2017 by clicking here.

Digital Content Summit 2018 PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS

Daryl Fielding

Former Brand Director, Vodafone

Jason Miller

Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn

Carlos Cartu

Business Marketing Director EMEA, Twitter

Delivering the right content in the right way

Digital content has moved on. Audiences are increasingly savvy about ‘advertorials’, or branded content that’s subtly selling stuff, so brands need to get smarter. The key is personalisation – making the content genuinely useful or interesting to that small audience segment. It needs to be exactly what they want, delivered in exactly the way they want it.

The way people consume content changes at an incredible rate. The time of day, the type of device, the format of the content (video vs text), the platform (social media, eBook, YouTube), the consumer’s demographic – these all contribute to how it should be designed. With the rise of new technologies comes the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by doing something new, and that means a change in design.

Virtual Reality content has started to creep into mainstream, now, and there’s a clearer idea of what can be done with it but there’s still plenty to explore. Machine learning and AI allow better data segmentation and automated responses, with the rise of bots and botchat as a content and brand loyalty tool. Voice is making a revamped comeback, thanks to Alexa and Siri, with issues around content ownership and brand recognition inherent in how that content is consumed.

5 key takeaways you will leave with:

Managing real-time marketing campaigns to improve impact and engagement

Creating VR content effectively, at the right time and in the right way

Using content beyond the point of sale to encourage brand loyalty

Preparing for the impact of data privacy regulations on marketing operations

Identifying the right metrics to measure your content’s success

The agenda starts by looking at what successful content means – is it just about revenue and conversion to sales, or something more? It looks at the metrics which are important, and when they should be ignored.

It then splits into two streams. One focuses on the challenges of new technology platforms. The second stream looks at improving reach, audience analysis and the impact of data regulations.



The technology stream will look at planning content production for VR, AI, machine learning and Voice, and how content style and delivery needs to adapt to these new channels.

Why is this important?
Delivering content in the right way is crucial to its success. Keeping up with the latest platforms and media is a fundamental part of this. Each new platform has its own challenges and, if they don’t stay abreast of trends, they will lose out on potential customers.

This stream will look at the current and future channels most likely to be popular, and discuss strategies for maximising their value.

Perfect for: Chief Editors, Heads of Digital Content, Social media, Innovation and Creative Advertising


The audience stream will look at reaching and responding to your audience, using data analysis and resourcing to ensure you’re maximising your reach.

Why is this important?
Digital content production is driven heavily by the behaviours and interests of the consumer, and it needs to pre-empt as much as possible. Using data to understand where, when, how and why the consumer interacts with the brand allows forecasting of interests, a clearer understanding of brand loyalty, and tracking metrics for engagement and ROI.

This stream will give best practice advice on managing real-time content delivery and interaction, effective data usage, and the impact of new data regulations on day-to-day marketing operations.

Perfect for: Chief Marketing Officers, Heads of Brand Loyalty/Engagement, Customer Insight, Communications


A limited amount of early bird tickets are now available at £549 for private sector or £449 for public sector. Call Lace for more information on 020 8349 6458 or email

  • The conference was very insightful and it was a great experience to be able to take part myself.

    Communications & Marketing Manager, UAL
  • Thanks for that awesome event Digital Content Summit yesterday. We met a lot of interesting people and had a lot of promising conversations due to the exhibition.

    Manager Marketing EMEA, Searchmetrics
  •  I liked the opportunity to meet practitioners and learn about the latest thinking in this field. It’s a very good event.

    Marketing Manager, University of Nottingham
  •  The wide range of backgrounds, presenters and audience members was great. It might be surprising how much in common The British Museum, the Rugby Union, Barclay’s Bank and other companies have in terms of content marketing.

    Content Marketing Program Manager, Mettler Toledo



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