The Digital Content Summit 2019

The Digital Content Summit 2018 featured over 15 sessions in 2 distinctive streams. Discover our 2018 agenda below


PANEL DISCUSSION: What’s the point of content and which metrics matter?

  • Is the conversion into sales always the end objective for content?
  • Measuring effectiveness, rather than focusing on vanity metrics
  • When different metrics are appropriate, and when they should all be ignored

by Ed Bussey, CEO, Quill Show Profile

by Jason Miller, Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn Show Profile

by Carlos Cantu, Business Marketing Director EMEA, Twitter Show Profile

by Marc Goodchild, Head of Digital Content Strategy & Product, Turner EMEA Show Profile


KEYNOTE: How do you get your point across?

  • The importance of storytelling: engaging your audience through compelling content
  • Outlining the key components of story construction

by Daryl Fielding, Former Brand Director, Vodafone Show Profile


Nurturing and building the best of British IP on the global stage

  • Making your international offices an asset to content, rather than a challenge
  • Managing consistency of tone and brand image throughout multiple regions
  • Tapping into your audience’s thirst for knowledge from diverse places

by Jaclyn Lee Joe, CMO, BBC Show Profile


Refreshment Break & Networking



  • Turning content into sales – why people buy
    • Hosted by Jeremy Swinfen-Green, Head of Content Marketing Strategy, Lyonsdown
  • How have you revised your content amplification strategy for 2018?
    • Hosted by Mark Berwick, Enterprise Consultant, BuzzSumo
  • Managing social listening
    • Hosted by Mark Ragan, Head of Commercial Content, Drive
  • Creating successful video campaigns
    • Hosted by Jess Lever, Head of Production, Hook
  • Content benchmarking – what counts as engagement
    • Hosted by Teague Emery, Head of Social, Thinkjam
    • Hosted by Karen Forbes, Senior Director of Strategy, Thinkjam

WORKSHOP : Growth Marketing – Power Session

Building products isn’t enough. Marketing channels are saturated. Rapid Experimentation and Growth Marketing skills help you beat the competition and keep growing!

Growth comes from a mix of behavioural psychology, coding, creative marketing and data analysis. Having spent the last couple of years building, coaching and training regiments of growth teams and growth marketers, in this talk I’ll run you through some of the latest stories, learnings and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

A brief but information-packed power session covering the process, mindset and tools that will help you on your journey towards a more consumer centric, experiment- and data-driven organisation.

by Luke Montgomery, Lead Speaker, Growth Tribe Show Profile


Lunch & Networking

Adrian Swinscoe, Consultant & Forbes contributor

HOW TO: Manage social media risk

  • How to avoid reputational risks from poorly structured campaigns
  • Staying compliant: avoiding legal and contractual problems
  • Putting people first: managing HR risks
  • Keeping Mum: how not to leak secret information in your social media marketing

by Jeremy Swinfen-Green, Head of Content Marketing Strategy, Lyonsdown Show Profile


HOW TO: Use influencers to gain trust and tell your brand story

  • Attracting influencers: putting together an appealing proposition
  • Planning content production and distribution
  • Measuring effectiveness and ROI

by Jennifer Quigley-Jones, Founder and Managing Director, Digital Voices Show Profile


PANEL DISCUSSION: Is Facebook advertising worth the money?

  • Adjusting to Facebook’s visibility changes and the impact on click-through traffic
  • Shifting towards content that provokes conversation and organic sharing
  • Playing the algorithm to improve reach: is the revenue model sustainable?

by Alysha Smith, Global Head of Marketing, PR and Advertising, Magnuson Worldwide Show Profile

by Joanna Carrigan, Head of Branded Content, News UK Show Profile

by Nell Boase, Chief Product Officer, Mumsnet Show Profile


Refreshment Break & Networking


CASE STUDY: Monetising a niche through video and social media

In the space of three years, Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Lee Wilcox has taken a bootstrapped idea and turned it into a 7 figure business by growing a niche audience of over 2 million followers across social media. Lee will explain how On The Tools has become the dominant creative force across the UK Construction Industry.

by Lee Wilcox, CEO, On The Tools Show Profile


HOW TO: Use data for bullet-proof marketing and content creation

When it comes to content creation and curation, understanding your audience is the first challenge. Here we will demonstrate a framework on how content creators can identify, segment and actively listen to their target audience in order to fuel their content creation and marketing strategies.

by James Lovell, Senior Business Strategist, Pulsar Show Profile


Chair’s Closing Notes

Sam Hill, Head of Engineering, BBC

CASE STUDY: Keeping a community engaged 24/7

  • Exploring MTV/Comedy Central’s 360 model and overall digital approach
  • Extending linear content onto digital platforms: the importance of authenticity
  • Reviewing our digital originals and short-form content strategy

by Joanna Wells, Vice President Comedy Central & MTV International, Viacom Show Profile


HOW TO: Use the science of reading to deliver content that counts

  • Evolving communication: why visual and interactive content is increasingly important
  • Gaining insights into the necessary steps for creating content that counts, and fighting disposable content
  • Why is the medium truly the message in today’s marketing?

by Nick Mason, CEO & Founder, Turtl Show Profile


PANEL DISCUSSION: Getting ahead in Voice

  • Working with Google Voice, Alexa and Siri: making sure your content comes up first
  • Retaining brand loyalty and content ownership in Voice tech
  • Will preferred or sponsored brand relationships with Voice tech lead to a brand war?

by Belinda Rowe, Group Head of Content, Publicis Media Show Profile

by Ben Bale, Creative Innovation Director, DRUM Show Profile

by Andrew Cocker, Senior Director, Global Brand, Expedia Show Profile


Refreshment Break & Networking


CASE STUDY: Wikipedia’s approach to copyright literacy and the Digital Commons

  • Managing IP for crowdsourced content
  • Educating your users on licencing before taking their content

by John Lubbock, Communications Coordinator, Wikimedia UK Show Profile


MARKET UPDATE: Direct marketing – what will the new data regulations stop you doing?

  • Ensuring your use of data for marketing doesn’t earn you a fine
  • Requirements for data usage and protection that you must comply with
  • How will this impact your day-to-day operations?

by Jocelyn Paulley, Director, Gowling Show Profile


Chair’s Closing Notes



Drinks Reception

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